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Closets / Wardrobes (46)

Cabinet Combination Sketches

Customized closets of YALIG are combined by Cabinet 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, Angle Sideboard 5# and Cabinet 8#. The size of Cabinet 2# is between 651mm to 1200mm. The size of Angle Sideboard 5# is between 991mm to 1200mm. The rest cabinets are fixed sized. The whole set of closets can be combined flexibly by the change of sizes of Cabinet 2# and Angle Sideboard 5#, to make the spaces of the room in the most efficient ways you want.

  • 1. All cabinets except for Cabinet 2# can be configurated with movable shelves.
  • 2. Cabinet 1#, 2# and 3# can be configurated with lattices and trousers racks.
  • 3. Cabinet 1# can be configurated with drawer type secret box.
  • 4. The main difference between Cabinet 4# and Angle Sideboard 8# is that 8# is round edged, which will not be covered when the closet door is closed.

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