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Top 10 Most Valuable Kitchen Cabinet Brands in China

Brands listed in no particular order. Based on the industrial statistics of 2017. This list shows the top 10 most valuable kitchen cabinet brands and manufacturers in China in 2017. The data comes from the statistics of

If you are looking for a China based kitchen cabinet manufacturer with decent products and services, you can check the factories below for your consideration.

ZBOM Kitchen Cabinet

Founded in 1998, and as the pioneer of the cabinets manufacture in China, ZBOM Cabinets Co., Ltd specialized in research, production and marketing. With 16 years of development, now ZBOM has been ranked the top 2 in the industry of kitchen cabinets in China.

ZBOM's main overseas market is Australia. It is the main vendor of several largest kitchen cabinet companies in Australia.

Official English Website:

OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinet

OPPEIN group (Optima by OPPEIN), as the leading brand in China and the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia, offers you the best Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Bathroom Cabinet, Interior Door, Solid Surface, Kitchen Electrical Appliance & Accessory, Home Furniture and other Building Materials.

OPPEIN is the earilest kitchen cabinet brand in China mainland. It is also the first company which goes outside of China for global market.

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YALIG Kitchen Cabinet

YALIG was founded in 2001 with the mission of bringing the best of the "Made-with-Intelligence" modern kitchen design to China domestic and overseas homes. Product categories of YALIG include but not limited to kitchen cabinet combinations, overall wardrobe, closets, kitchen accessories and other types of customizable furniture. YALIG has now over 530 physical stores all over China.

YALIG started its overseas business at the beginning of 2016 and now has been a major player of complete kitchen cabinets in China.

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REBON Kitchen Cabinet

Hangzhou Rebon Cabinets Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of DE&E Holding Group Co.,Ltd,which is located in Jingjiang industrial zone of Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province,only 10 minutes from Hangzhou International Airport.

It’s a large-scale modernized enterpricse,specialized in producing European style kitchen cabinets,offering various door material such as lacquer, MFC, PVC, solid wood and UV doors.

Official English Website:

BORCCI Kitchen Cabinet

BORCCI Integrated Kitchen Cabinet is located in one of the major sea ports, city of Ningbo. It is one of the earliest company which got into the US market. It has branch office in USA.

BORCCI's main exporting market is USA, especially states like California in the West Coast.

Official English Website:

BALORI Kitchen Cabinet

BALORI was founded in 2008. Comparing to other major players in China market it is a yound but fast growing brand. It does not seem to have overseas business at this moment.

Official Website:

MAPLE'S Kitchen Cabinet

MAPLE'S, as one of the global leading manufacturers, it offers you from elegant to rustic a wide range of brilliant style and designs of engineered hardwood flooring. Kitchen cabinet is just a branch of their main products. The brand is more famouse for hardwood flooring in China.

Official English Website:

MK Kitchen Cabinet

MK Xinya was registered in Hong Kong. The factory itself is also located in City of Hefei, same indutrial park with YALIG. MK Xinya right now does OEM and ODM for overseas clients as well in small ranges of markets.

Official Website:

MACESS Kitchen Cabinet

MACESS was established in 1996. MACESS focuses more on whole house customizations which provides its clients full sets of all types of furniture, not limited to kitchen cabinets. MACESS right now does not have their business into overseas markets.

Official Website:

ZHONGZHIXIN Kitchen Cabinet

ZHONGZHIXIN was founded in 1994. As an old brand it mainly foucsed on traditional and classical kitchen cabinets and other types of furniture products.

Official Website:

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