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Top 10 Most Valuable Kitchen Cabinet Brands in China

Brands listed in no particular order. Based on the industrial statistics of 2017. This list shows the top 10 most valuable kitchen cabinet brands and manufacturers in China in 2017. The data comes from the statistics of

The maintenance of solid wood kitchen cabinet doors is so important especially during the hot summer seasons, due to muggy climate. Cabinet doors would be out of shape if being affected with damp. So let us see some ideas about how to clean and maintain the doors in case they are deformed.

Custom-made or home-made (hiring carpenter to build with your own design and preferences) kitchen cabinets, which one is a better solution for your kitchen decoration? Both one stop solution of custom-made kitchen cabinets and home-made ones have their own advantages. Let us analyse their different features by comparing them today.

Wth this article we are going to bring you to the world of kitchen design trends and specifically to show you what to expect for season 2016 – 2017. If you wonder what color and color schemes will dominate the scene? Or which will be the most up to date materials, shape or composition solution? Or what will be the direction of kitchen development and design according to leading designers’ and brands? All the answers are coming. Here we go!

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