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At the beginning of 2018, the well known Chinese movie and TV star, Ms. Rainbow Wong, signed to be the branding ambassador of YALIG.

At the meanwhile, clients from the United States, Mr. and Mrs. Farris paid a visit to YALIG production facilities as well as one of YALIG's local franchise store. After seeing the nice work, high-quality products, high quality and digitalized production procedures, the clients showed deep interests of having further cooperation with YALIG.

Well known Chinese movie and TV star, Ms. Rainbow Wong, signed to be the branding ambassador of YALIG

YALIG branding ambassador Ms. Rainbow Wong

With signing Ms. Rainbow Wong as the branding representative of YALIG, it is the very important year of 2018 for YALIG brand stepping into the next stage of brand and development of YALIG. YALIG will always try its best to provide millions of families in China the most cost effective kitchen cabinet and other products.

YALIG branding ambassador Ms. Rainbow Wong

Not only within China - clients from USA paid factory tour to YALIG franchise store and production plants

It was really an honor that, at the end of 2017, clients of YALIG, Mr. and Mrs. Farris, took a visit to YALIG production facilities in the city of Hefei.

The company of Mr. and Mrs. Farris was invited by the city government of Hefei, China for a local real estate project. They are very interested in seeing how local kitchen furniture producer like YALIG works in details for production.

YALIG client store tour

The clients gladly paid a visit to one of YALIG's local franchise store in RedStar Macalline (the biggest interior design chain stores in China) and had a detailed check of the presented kitchen cabinets, closets and material presenting bricks in the showroom. Mr. and Mrs. Farris were very satisfied and pleased with the product details and creativities.

YALIG client factory tour

Then the clients visited the production facilities of YALIG to see how those products in store showroom were manufactured from the production lines of YALIG. Mr. and Mrs. Farris asked several professional questions about producing procedures and checked the production equipment. They were quite happy after seeing the digital production center YALIG imported from Italy. The whole production center automatically deals with the raw materials based on different QR code tips stuck on them and shapes them into the precise ways for the next steps of production. The client highly praised the modernised and digitalized ways of manufacturing nowadays in China.

YALIG client factory tour

After viewing the production area, Mr. and Mrs. Farris talked with managers of the factory and showed great interests of having further cooperation with YALIG, including but not limited to having more products of YALIG into US traditional kitchen furniture market and building up kitchen product direct ecommerce platforms.

2017 was an exciting year for YALIG, as it started the overseas marketing and trying to share the great products of YALIG with more people all over the world. The year of 2018 will be full of challenges but people at YALIG would always believe that our concentration and specialty will bring the company into the new stage of development. Thanks again for all your support to YALIG!

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