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YALIG Production Facilities

No. of Employees 450 
No. of R&D Staff 35
No. of QC Staff 20
No. of Production Lines 8
Annual Output Value USD 13 Million
Peak Productivity 100 Pieces of Kitchen Cabinet Combinations Daily
Management System Certification ISO9001:2008

YALIG Milling Machine

Milling Machine

We are using the most advanced and efficient plate cutting equipment, which could cut up to 7 pieces of plates at the same time. The machining accuracy could reach the level of ± 0.1 mm. This assures the accuracy of every single piece of plate and makes the whole final product accomplish the perfect design proportions.



YALIG Edge Sealing Machine

YALIG Edge Sealing Machine 2

Edge Banding Machine

The devices of production which has the highest accuracy in China are here in YALIG for edge sealing work. They have multiple features such as auto-heating, follow-up pressure, edge sealing, edge cutting, rough milling, finish-milling, arc milling, polishing all within the same production line. These make sure the edge sealing process accomplished with strong sealed and smooth edges, which creates more delicate products.



YALIG Row-holing Machine

YALIG Row-holing Machine 2

Row-holing Machine

Our row-holing machine is fully controlled by computers for positioning and feeding. It is able to create complex shapes that normal devices are not able to accomplish. It also has higher accuracy and efficiency than other similar type of machine. Plates manufactured through this can be joint perfectly and also with high strength.

More Production Machine

BIESSE CNC Holing Machine

BIESSE Edge Sealing Machine

BIESSE Production Center MachineHawk CNC Cutting Machine
Aikefa (Flycut) CNC Carving Machine

Hold CNC Edge Sealing Machine

Hold CNC Edge Sealing Machine

Hold CNC Sawing Machine

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